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LETS TALK on skincare. Every person in the world wants to have that glowy flawless skin like Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. But here’s the thing…. most of us either don’t get the time for skincare or them just happy with it.   In today’s world, it is difficult to care about skin and follow a skincare routine. We all have a hectic life. Going to work early and coming home late is just nowadays things. But with this hectic life, our skin suffers a lot. We might see or not see it but our skin wants some help. However, following a Lil bit of skincare routine will from an early age will might prove beneficial for your tomorrow. The basic skincare routine calls for 6 stages of step-wise-step care routine which are-


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  Good quality of face wash removes the upper layer of dirt and oils from the skin. An investment in a good quality of face wash will lead to healthy skin. There are different types of face washes in the market depending upon the different skin types and purposes. One has to get the idea of what its skin type is and accordingly must buy a face wash. 


girl cleansing her face

The word cleanses itself says to thoroughly clean. Similarly, cleansing milk helps to get rid of the dirt and oil present on the skin even after using a face wash. Cleansing milk is usually in the form of liquid creams or gels which are poured on a cotton pad and then gently applied on the skin. This helps to thorough cleaning of the skin.


applying a scrub

A scrub is a gel or cream-based containing exfoliating granules in it that helps to exfoliate and purify the skin from deep-rooted impurities. A scrub gently removes blackheads, dead skin cells, and embedded impurities to get soft and refreshed skin.


girl toning her skin

A toner is water designed to cleanse and shrink the appearance of the skin pores. One must select a toner according to the needs of the skin keeping in mind the effects of toner on the skin. A toner can be applied to the skin in two different ways that are: on a damp cotton pad or spraying directly onto the face. A toner helps to refresh your face and gives an oil-free look.  


face mask and sheet mask

When it comes to skincare routine then there is no step perhaps more indulgent than a face mask. There are different kinds of facial masks for different purposes such as rejuvenating, refreshing, cleansing the pores, sebum control, revitalizing, etc. There are different types of masks i.e. sheet masks, these are tissue or paper-based masks soaked in creams or serums which helps to hydrate and moisten up the skin; peel off masks, these are easy to remove after putting on the face for desired amount of time leaving the skin soft smooth and fresh; facial masks, these are the normal masks that are removed with the help of water leaving a clear and problem-free skin.   


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For protecting and hydrating the skin, a moisturizer is a must. This is usually the last step of the skincare routine. It is recommended to use a moisturizer containing SPF so that there is no extra step to be done or to have an extra bottle of sunscreen. A moisturizer comes in various textures and purposes and selecting one of them must be based according to the skin needs.  

These steps are really helpful and it would only take 20 mins. If you want to have that gorgeous buttery soft skin then you should at least follow these 6 simple steps.

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