no heat hairstyles


Do you know heat can damage your hair? Well yes, heat from electronic gadgets such as curler, straighter, iron rod, dryer, and others can damage your hair. Even too much heat can burn your hair. There are no options available to cure damaged hair but to cut them off. There are various ways you can avoid heat damage though. But what about hairstyles? If you want no-heat hairstyles, then this is the right article for you.


If you are using heating tools such as curlers, straighteners, and others, the heat produce from those tools can damage your hair. Moreover, their constant use can eventually burn your hair. Thus it is recommended to use a heat protectant before using heating tools. Also, the UV rays from the sun can provide some heat damage that’s why it is always said to cover our head when we head out in sun. Hot water can also make your scalp dry and red, which results in dandruff and rough hair. We recommend to use lukewarm water rather than hot water to take a bath. And feel free to get a hair therapy.

Heat-less hairstyles can save your hair from damage and while making your hair look gorgeous. From curls to braids here are top 7, no heat hairstyles for you to try.


no heat beachy waves.

This super easy hairstyle is easy to achieve. Slightly damp your hair for better results. Use a headband, twist and wrap your hair around the base of the band to achieve that undone, straight-off-the-sand look. You can do a braided ponytail and leave it overnight to get beachy hair the next morning. It’s as simple as that.


no heat ponytail

Normal ponytail got a twist recently, and we are so excited to try it. The Criss Cross ponytail is casual yet chic way of traditional ponytail. Make a low ponytail, then separate two sections and make a knot with them. Wrap the sections of knot at the base of ponytail and secure it with some pins. Give your hair a little bath in hairspray to make your hairstyle last long.


heatless twisted bun

The bun in the above picture is popularly known as gibson tuck. This bun is super easy to do. Make a ponytail, then create a gap between the bungee. Then just simply put your pony pass through it to create an inverse look. Later, roll your hair from the bottom and tuck it in the gap where you passed your ponytail. Secure the bun using some pins. At last, spritz some hairspray to lock the style.


Braided bun

To make a braided bun, you first need to make a ponytail. Split your hair into 3 sections and form a normal braid until you reach at the bottom of your ponytail. Secure the end with a band. Wrap the braid to form a bun and secure it with some bobby pins. To create a messy look, loose some strands of hair from braids. Finally, use hairspray to keep your hairstyle in place.


fishtail braids

For fishtail braids you need to gather your hair into a ponytail. For better control you can secure your ponytail with an elastic or for a messy look go without securing it. After gathering, part your hair in two sections and take a piece from the left side and pass it over to the right side. Then, take a fresh piece from the outside of the right side and pass it back to the left side. Each piece will come in the center (the break between the two sections of hair), and then you’ll grab it, taking it over to one side. Repeat this until you reach at the bottom, then secure it with an elastic band. To create messy look lightly pull the braid outward and loose some strands of hair. Finally, spritz some hair spray to lock your look.


no heat ribbon ponytail.

To make this effortless no heat hairstyle you first need to make a low ponytail and secure it with a band. Wrap ribbon around the bungee to cover the elastic and tie in a large bow. To create a messy look, first try the beachy waves (given above) and then do the ponytail. Loose some hair around the bungee and finally cover the elastic with the ribbon.


heatless curls overnight.

Curls using the rollers is the vintage way of making curls that require no heat, but they are time consuming. I prefer to use rollers over pin curls to save some time. Before curling, slightly damp your hair for better results. Part your hair into four sections. From one section again, part your hair into two sections. Take one part from each section and start rolling your hair on rollers starting from the bottom of your hair. Secure the hair rollers and repeat this step with other sections of hair and let it set for some time. Remove the rollers and gently shake the curls to get natural curly look.

Try these wherever you are. These hairstyles are easy to do and does not cause any damage to your hair.



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